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Our story begins in 1999, when the family Teixeira moved to Florianópolis, SC. In October 1999 in Barra da Lagoa still in SC, were the first prepared pastries handcrafted hand.

In 2000 he had returned to London the family opens a pastry shop on Avenue Robert Hoch. Years passed acquired experience.

In 2003 we moved to our pastry Rua Araguaia started a service in Londrina night with a better service and machines in the preparation of our pastries, thereby ensuring quality and taste of our customers.

In 2006 Pastel Fernando began working with pastel tent on Avenida Tiradentes opposite Bolinha packaging, with a team of highly qualified and innovating in the varieties of pies 20, 35 and 45 cm and varied flavors between sweet and savory creating a large clientele and friends.

2010 a new phase began with Fernando Pastel own network located in João Pessoa street corner with street Quintino Bocaiúva completely new with large lounge and family atmosphere with a wide range of machines and equipment ensuring a quality taste of our customers and friends in a differentiated service delivery to deliver the comfort of home looking every day to reaffirm the credibility and trust that we receive.

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